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this reporter at 8:30 this morning when a hearing was about to start. in a surprise move, jerry sandusky and his lawyer approached the judge and decided they didn't want to go through with it. in the minutes after the courtroom announcement the preliminary hearing would be waived, jerry sandusky left the center county courthouse telling reporters he would, quote, stay the course to fight for floor quarters and weight for the opportunity to present our side. sandusky's attorney then promised a return in and&explained the decision. standing at a podium in front of dozens of reporters, andandola said he and sandusky decided to waive the hearing when they realized the state had the upper hand and he would be unable to attack the credibility of the witnesses. >> when, in fact, the prosecutor, i think, correctly stated he would object to any questions i wanted to ask about credibility. >> reporter: in return for waiving the hearing, prosecutors agreed to share the evidence against sandusky more expeditiously and agreed not to
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raise his bail. >> today was a small part in a legal process. it was a part that would have been one-sided, which would have been basically the commonmost opportunity to represent all the allegations made without us having a chance to defend against them effectively. >> reporter: knowing there were dozens of reporters in town to cover the hearing, he admitted his strategy included the opportunity to hold a news conference and to fend his client against his many accusers. >> do you realize that many of the young men already have civil attorneys from lawsuits that have been filed, are being filed or will be filed? what greater motivation, i hate to say it, it's going to be a part of our case. we're checking on it now. what greater motivation could it be than mean. >> there would by in plea deal and suggested there is coolution between all of the young men, claiming they were abused by jerry sandusky. he answered questions for an hour and when he was finished talking, an attorney representing alleged victim number four stepped forward to
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read a statement from his client. >> regardless of the decision to waive the hearing, nothing has changeed, and i still will stand mya ground, testify and speak the truth. he underlined the word truth three times. >> reporter: prosecutors say they were prepared to put ref witnesses on the stand, all of them held at -- 11 witnesses on the stand, all held at an undisclosed location. >> clearly, this was a shocker. you literally walked in the door from pennsylvania's few minutes ago. you planned to be there longer and we anticipated the victims will testify today like everyone else. let me ask you, you kind of touch on it in your story. there is talk that his legal team did this because they could be working on a deal and they don't -- they didn't necessarily need to hear what the victim his to say to lock it in as part of their defense. what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: initially, we were told that amandola wanted the hearing to hear the witnesss testimony, have them testify under oath and lock in their
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testimony and he would know what they're going to say when they went to trial. >> right. >> reporter: however, this was a surprise move. we talked to bernie grim, i called him on the phone as we were coming back, our legal analyst, and he called it a clever, almost shrewd move. basically, then, what amandola was able to do was to come out and answer questions for an hour and basically to the court of public opinion. where's raising so many issues here in trying to damage the prosecution's case. >> i guess had that hearing gone forward today in the media, we would have been talking about the testimony and what they came forward and they talked about, what jerry sandusky allegedly did to them. instead, we're focused on jerry sandusky and the attorneys calling the victims out for money. >> that is right. what amandola did is point that out and said instead of you going back now and talking about what the state's case is on the evening news, we're going to talk about jerry sandusky and the fact that we believe he's innocent and that we're going to continue to
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punch holes in the prosecution's case and he took a bit of time to talk about mike mcqueary, a key prosecution witness. the only one who claims have to have seen sexual behavior with jerry sandusky and the young boy on the campus of penn state. he actually tried to, right there in front of the courthouse today, draw and connect all of the dots. >> uh-huh. >> and to say if you believe mike mcq, eary's story, dial 1- 800-reality. there is a twist to that part of it and we learned from that 1-800-reality is a gay porn hotline. >> i'm assuming, though, this was attorneyspeak that came out. >> sure. >> and he had no idea what he was saying. >> he had no idea, just an odd twist to the story and that is a fact. we called the number. >> and it continues. >> all right, paul wagner, thank you. a maryland woman sentenced
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to more than three years in prison for a deadly hit-and- run. yorit david davidsonson was convicted of negligent homicide and dui in the october 2010 crash that killed kila ryan. she was out celebrating her 24th birthday when she was hit in dupont circle. davidson was fined $5,000. the cost of the victim's funeral expenses. a followup on a story we covered last night. the d.c. police identified the man shot and killed by a police officer last night. the 20-year-old michael epps of windsor mill, maryland. epps was high on pcp and was firing a gun. he was shot after the police ordered to drop his gun. internal affairs is investigating, which is standard protocol. we're following new developments.
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demonstrators were forced out of the campground this morning and they were sleeping in tents in the downtown plaza for continue weeks. at 3:30, the police moved in and kicked them out and officers say the campers left without a major problem and a leading -- representative wants to know why they were not let out of the district. salazar's department is in charge of the square because it's part of a national park. he argues the square went through a $400,000 taxpayer- funded renovation and thatwork is rounded. millions of americans will see their payroll taxes go up when a tax holiday expires and looking at the hill. the democrats say that it comes with too many add-ons and fox 5
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astom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: tonight, over the very strong objections of house democrats running backs say it would continue for 160 million worker -- workers due to expire at the end of the year. the republican plan also has too many add-ons, including money for a canadian oil pipeline and some harsh requirements, including drug testing for some unemployment recipients. both democrats and republicans today were in a race to say who wanted the extended payroll tax cut more and still couldn't agree on a way forward. >> an issue too hot for republicans to excuse me they're bringing able to the floor and whiched for a payroll tax cut and has within it the seeds of its own destruction. >> we have a reasonable responsible bill that will -- for the american people and
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will help create jobs. i am glad we're where we are and i am grateful the senate is picking up the bill and passing it. >> it's important to remember that the house vote is going to go along party lines and might be for nothing. the republicans would have to go to the senate where democrats in charge there say it has too much of low-and middle-income earns and not enough of the wealthy, laura? >> thank you, tom fitzgerald. it will likely cost some of us more to use public transit. it's not because of a fare he can but a change in the federal law. fox 5s john henrehan is here to explain. >> reporter: the federal benefits are going down next year and the same ones that subsidize parking are going up and that is because two policies come from two different laws. currently, there are tax benefits for workers who get subsidized help from employers with the cost of parking or
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using mass transit. the benefits are roughly equal. jaimie shock who spends $10 a day taking metro rail between vienna, virginia, and dupont circle, d.c., uses the transit benefit. >> and they take yet out of my paycheck and it's not taxed. >> and do you use it? >> yes. >> the subsidy was built in to federal law and is worth 230 a month. in 2009, the rules were changeed and some transit subidy iss were brought up to the level and that was part of president obama's temporary economic stimulus package and the enhanced transit subsidies are scheduled to expire on december 31st. unless congress acts. the transit subsidy will drop to 125 a month. the federal parking subsidy was written into a different law and it will not only stay high, but it will increase in january
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to 240 a month. for some commuters, it will be more economically attractive to drive to work rather than take transit. >> i'm going commute more -- . >> and meaning in your car? >> yes. >> that may mean fewer transit riders here and in other big cities and more cars than ever on roadways. and that were hopeful to think that could change the law to keep parking and transit subsidies roughly equal. they're running out of time. with congress stalemated as fitz explained over bigger issues like the level of the payroll tax, it's not clear that anything can happen on this before december 31st. supporters of the transit and parking paired on can try -- parody can try again next year. once the law changes, that is when democratic -- prospects for keeping the subsidies equal
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in the future is less certain. >> i don't know if you know. this what about agencies like metro and other transit agencies around the country. are they preparing? do they have plans in place? >> what do do you? probably and how do they prepare? >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> i think they will probably lose some riders. we found one on the street driv >> thank you. the d.c. taxi cab commission approved a proposal to increase fares. the starting rate will remain at $3 and the per-mile rate will jump from $1.50 to $2.16. the weight fee will also go up from $15 to $25 an hour and the fees for extra passengers, animals, personal service, luggage, and the emergency fuel surcharge will be dropped. the extra fees will pay for an upgraded fleet and gps for drivers. a final vote will be on january 11th. and coming up, a story that, well, really steppings. >> uh. >> a -- really stinks.
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a local woman said d.c. recycling inspectors are going too far. >> she explains it into the vent? opens it up, takes the bag out and puts them on the ground and tears them open and digs through them. >> wait until you hear how much that woman was fined for tossing her cat's litter into the trash. plus, dozens of firefighters involved in a frantic trench rescue. how the victims fell in remains a mystery. moment and there is a new push to ban cell phones by all drivers nationwide. you will hear from the group leading that charge. gary? thanks, shawn. love the sunshine today and the temperatures are comfortable out there. hope you enjoyed it, though. if we do have change coming, first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us. 
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>> it's the law in the district of columbia that everyone must recycle. are city inspectors going too far enforcing the law? we're learning about what rather smelly case from a district resident who was fined hundreds of dollars for not recycling shred newspaper that she puts in her cat's litter box. matt ackland has this for us. >> reporter: several times a week, she shreds old newspapers and junk mail to use as a replacement for store-bought cat litter. she believes that it's better for the environment. >> i'm trying to do something good for the environment by using the shredded paper in the cat box. then i get fined for it. >> reporter: eight times she
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has been fined, more than $2,000 in total. all for placing the soiled paper inside her trash instead of the recycling bin. when she spoke to the trash inspector who wrote her the ticket, she said the inspector admitted to digging through trash cans looking for violations. >> i am sure the -- and everyone needs to recycle as much as possible. digging through a trash or in this case, paper contaminated with animal waste, that is not what recycling laws are pieced to be about. >> reporter: apparently that is what the judge thinks. patricia appealed the fines and stood before the d.c. job who cited with the inspector. >> it doesn't sound right, although it must have happened. she got the fine. >> reporter: this council member said dpw inspectors are going too far and demanded a meeting with the director of the department to talk about the case. remember earlier this year, he got involved when inspectors
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were handing out numerous recycling fines. the owner of a logan circle hardware store was fined hundreds for one soda can in her treasure. -- trash. >> i don't know if the night of about they're going around and looking in the trash bags. seems bizarre. >> reporter: he's going to try and appeal her case one more time and has gathered pictures, studied the law, and even has the support of her neighbors. she said she's speaking to us to point out the extremes that inspectors are taking to fine residents. with a judge backing them up. >> she didn't believe me. didn't believe me and that is why i have to prove this is cotaminated and can't be recycled. >> you have to shake your head. >> yeah, you do. >> she wants to make it clear she recycles and believes in the law but the big question is, what does she do after the cat litter is dirty? judge right. >> does she throw it into the recycling bin? think about the guy having to take it to wherever it goes?
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>> you would think she was doing them a favor. >> you would think so. >> surprising, too, that dpw and the judge wouldn't toss this out. >> yes. >> and very surprising. i called the judge and dpw. first, they sent us a statement a half hour ago saying that they didn't address it aughtal -- at all, didn't talk about the specific case and then we talked to the judge's office and we thought, you know, they usually typically don't talk with some court cases spending and -- pending. they're not going comment on this one. >> unbelievable. we'll follow this. >> yeah. >> and this is one a lost people will be talking about. >> yeah. and we learned the name of the man shot to death in restin on monday. the police say he was shot around 4:15 on cameron crescent drive. investigators are looking into reports that three people were involveed and that the shooter knew the victim.
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now a fox 5 news alert. a grisly discovery. surveyors found human remains in the area of woodridge and this is near the intersection of dale boulevard and bonita fitzgerald drive. the body was so badly decompose error returned, they can't determine the person's age, sex, or race. a construction worker seriously injured after falling 16 feet into a trench. this happened in gaithersburg and happened at washington grove lane and midcounty highway. we're told a ride-on bus hit a barrel and then that barrel hit the man knocking him into the hole. it took them 45 minutes to get the worker out. he was taken to the hospital with ears and non-life- threatening injuries. hopefully you have a chance to get outside and i thought it was beautiful. >> yeah. >> and warmed up nicely this afternoon. >> and warmer today than yesterday. >> and you have an internal temperature, i'm telling you
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and you were good. yesterday's high, 52. >> okay. >> and how about this morning, though. thirty at national and dulles was 22 and in frederick, 18 degrees. very, very cold out there and not so cold overnight tonight. because basically, what we have is more clouds coming in and we're going to look here and can you see the clouds and they're getting awfully close. we'll have more cloudy clouds and there is a meteor shower and we will have limited sunshine for tomorrow. check on temperatures right now in the city and that is hole into this upper 40s. 39 for gaithersburg. last night, the temperatures in the sushes were crashing. they're not so much the case tonight. 45 for culpeper, manasses, 45; overnight tonight, we're going to be cold and we're not going to be nearly as cold. i think in the suburbs maybe place get a couple of places
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get to the upper 20s and that is about it. frederick is not showing up and this morning with temperatures in the teens and broke their gauge or something. 42 at 7 and 9, 41 at 11:00 and temperatures again this evening, not crashing and on the chilly side and some more clouds and rain coming up. >> see you soon. >> thanks. >> coming up, two students are hit by gun fire outside of the middle school. we're learn coming may have fired the shots. [ screaming ] [ gunshots ] >> and frightenning cell phone video of a shooting in florida. you won't believe who pulled the trigger. ger. &@&@
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>> two middle school students are recovering after being shot outside of their south texas school. it happened yesterday in e dinburg. the police believe the shots
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came from a ranch that is next to a school. the two men were doing target practice at the time and a third man was terrorist passing on the property and hunting with an assault rifle. the boys are expected to be okay. so far, no charges were filed. [ screaming ] what, are you crazy? >> frightenning video here. fights between a grandmother and her, stranged som and ended in gun fire and police say the 66-year-old woman pulled the trigger. the victim's cell phone caught it. the woman tried to claim that he, her som, was the one who pulled the gun. the victim's in an ongoing custody battle with the woman's daughter over the three-year- old son. the grandmother is facing attempted murder chars. and some states have banned texting while driving. should all cell phone use be offlimits? we'll go in-depth with the group pushing for a nationwide ban. keeping your family safe
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this holiday season. i have a few new tips i learned from the consumer product safety commission. and you don't want to overdo it at the holiday party. hot 99.5 sarah frazier is here with dos and don'ts before you celebrate. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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>> well, we all know the dangers of texting while driving and now the ntsb wants to put a stop to that and they want to ban it behind the wheel, except in the case of an emergency. this comes on the heels of an ntsb finding that a deadly 11- car pileup in missouri was caused by a 19-year-old driver who support or received 11
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texts in the 11 minutes immediately before the crash. for more on the recommendation announced today, the ntsb chairwoman debbie herzman joins us. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. i want to get to know what this ban is about. are they doing away with hands- free devices, too? >> yes, our recommendation is comprehensive. we recommended that all personal electronic devices, portable electronic devices to be brought into the car be banned when you're behind the wheel. >> the ntsb, of course, the federal agency, why are the feds stepping in when state governments have been imposing their own laws? >> in fact, our recommendation is to the 50 states and the district of columbia. it's that, based on our accident investigation, and that is up to the state to institute the bans. 35 of them already have a texting ban, but we're looking for a little more than that. we're looking for them to ban
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all portable electronic devices because we know that they're distracting and cause accidents. >> and on the lines of that following the national transportation safety board announcement, today, the wireless association, the lobbying group for the cellular telephone industry, they responded saying they agree that safety should be the number one priority here and manuel texting while driving is in the safe and that this should be up to state and local lawmakers and the constituents. do you think the industry is doing enough to try to stop this? >> well, we know that technology has created a lot of challenges, as far as distracts, but i really believe that technology holds many of the solutions for what needs to be done when it comes to distributions, and we need a -- distractions and we made a recommendation to the cellular telephone industry association to work on creating applications and devices that can be turned off and that can limit their functionality when people are behind the wheel. there is absolutely a time and
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place for people to be texting and for them to be talking to on the phone. no call, no text, no post is worth a human life. you shouldn't be doing it behind the wheel. >> and that deadly pileup i talked about earlier, clearly not the first deadly accident involving a driver texting behind the we'll error errors. seems that there are so -- wheels. seems that there are so many campaigns to get people to stop. why do you think this message is not getting through? >> we know it takes three things to make an effective campaign: one, you have to have clear laws and regulations that state what is permissible and what is not. that is why we're calling for the ban. the second part is to make sure there is good education. there is education campaigns that explain to people why they should or should not be doing this and what the risks are. and the third thing is enforcement. that means making sure that there are consequence when is people violate the laws. we have seen this three-pronged
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approach with laws, enforcement, and communication or education be effective when it comes to seatbelt use, when it comes to drunk driving and restraining our children properly. that behavior changeed in a generation. >> the information will hopefully get some people to walk up a little bit. >> right. >> ntsb chairman thank you for being with us tonight. we appreciate this. we want to put this question to you, our viewers, do you agree with the ntsb's recommendation to ban the use of cell phones by all drivers? tell us what you think by texting and not while driving, text one for yes, two for no and standard rates do a by. -- apply. 20 seconds is all it takes for the holidays to turn tragic. during the season, there are so many different accidents. an average of 53 fires a week and that is not the only hazard. melanie alnwick has more on what you need to know to keep
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your loved ones safe. mel? >> reporter: did you know that christmas trees have an expiration date and there is a maximum number of light strings to put together and what does the ul number mean? i got those answers from the consumer safety product commission today. >> reporter: the glow of candles, holiday decorations, the gifts around the tree can be ruined in seconds. >> we continue to see injuries and deaths during this time of the year when everything should be happy and merry and bright. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission said candle and tree fires have caused an average of 134 deaths and 378 million in property damage a year. keep the live trees watered and heed the expiration date. >> no matter how fresh your tree is when you bring it home and how well you keep it watered, the trees last a maximum of four weeks. you have to plan your festivities around that. >> reporter: inspect old light strands for frays and cracks and throw them away. there is a risk of fire and shock. >> this is not worth it. >> reporter: new led lights burn cooler.
5:35 pm
if you're using incandescent lights, there is a limit. >> you shouldn't have more than three light strings. >> reporter: look for the holographic ul label. >> the ul mark on a product means that someone has looked that the and tested it to make sure it meets the safety standards. >> reporter: and in all sorts of situations and weather. and beware of counterfeits. these lights were seized at a port in long beach, california. first, look at the chord itself. it's really, really thin. there is no label on it showing it hasn't been tested and the strands jaro -- are so thing, you can pull them a part. >> we see them regularly that are counterfeit lights and these counterfeit lights are not built to manufacture's of standards. >> reporter: and some have cheap wiring inside rather than actual protective fuses. there is not much time if your house goes up in flames. a few extra minutes for safety could save your celebrations and possibly your life. you know, since none of us have figured out how to get the
5:36 pm
light strings back in the boxes they came in, this is another tip i didn't know. if that ul icon on the label is red, then that strength is okay for outdoors and indoors. if the ul label is green, that is for an indoor strand only. >> that is good to know. a quick question for you. you were actually there as they did that demonstration. you saw the tree and the curtain go up in flames. i mean how intense was that? we know it happened quickly. what was it like to be there in person? >> was surprised how quickly it did go. a minute for the curtapes to desintegrate -- curtains to disintegrate. and the tree fire, 35 secs and that started to flash over. you hear about that and to see it or the flame begins to explode because of the carbon monoxide gas building up, exploded out and the safety director running the demonstrationed we need to call this, folks. it's getting out of control. we were standing eight to 10 fight away, shawn, and we could feel the flames and we were behind the protective wall with safety glass and week feel the
5:37 pm
heat coming from outside that and to see it in person, um, it really is sort of hitting home. >> i know we showed that every year. it's important to hear your perspective. we don't want that to happen inside anyone's home. >> thank you, mel. coming up, microsoft wants to set up shop in the district. find out why the leader in one local county is open to the idea of slots. ots. and maryland's governor turns to twitter to get lady georgia's attention. we'll have the details when we come back. ack. 
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>> price georges county executive baker is not opposed to slot machine gambling in the county as long as the money supports new projects there. a gaming company has been pushing for slots at rose croft
5:41 pm
raceway in prince georges county. he told "the washington post" that he will ask the state for a lot of money for the county during the next session. he expects slots will be part of the discussion to pay for the requests. microsoft could soon be coming in to take over part of the santa elizabeth's hospital in the district. the d.c. mayor vincent gray's office tells us the negotiations for microsoft to build a technology hub on the east campus have been underway for awhile now. a formal announcement could come in weeks. the site is across the street from the west campus where the department of homeland security is developing its brand new headquarters. and maryland governor o'malley caused a stir yesterday when he used twitter to invite lady georgia to dinner. the tweet read thanks for your advocacy against bullying. katie and i would like to invite to you dinner to discuss eliminating in maryland. she has championed the antibullying effort and the government is waiting for [ cheering and applause ] er is from gaga. >> yeah -- for [ cheering and applause ] er is from gaga.
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and 'tiz the season for holiday parties. overdoing it can lead to awkward moments. a local bartender share their stories to help you avoid a disaster. rain could be coming our way soon. bap [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded.
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but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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>> the caps back at home hosting the philadelphia flyers, the team they beat two months ago in philadelphia. one of the stars for the caps is jason chmera, having his career season. a short time ago he spoke with our dave feldman. >> you're tied for the team lead with 11 goals, your second plus minus, sixth in points, on pace for 32 goals, the most you had is 17. >> yeah. >> and what has gotten into you? >> looks like a -- looks like a fine wine getting better with
5:46 pm
age. >> oh, no. >> and i played with the same guys most of the year and helped with the consistency, you know, when you can get that, you know, you know where guys are going and that has been, you know, a lot -- and books and for most of the year and that has been good with those guys. >> under the new coach dale hunter, you won three of four, you're 3 and three overall, the three losses by one goal. is it safe to say that you're tarting to get his system? >> i think so. it takes awhile to get going. the first couple of games, we struggled a bit and then, you know, the last four games you get the offense going. >> two months ago, you play the flyers team in philly and scored three goals in the third to win. a whole different time than you were 6-0 at the time and improved to 6-0. does it seem like a lifetime ago and do you take anything from that game? this is your first meeting with them at home? >> yeah, always a big win there scoring three goals in the third period and that is no easy task. for sure, and it's kind of a
5:47 pm
reverse. they got after that and we kind of got cold and that is just that we looking to get hot again and playing better. you see it picking up and that is going to be be a great test and environment and always fun to play silly and always a great game and that is going to be a good test tonight. >> the caps have won two in a row under the head coach dale hunter and there -- they're looking for the first three- game winning streak and starting the season 7-0. >> and we wish them well. >> yes, we do. and they'll be inside. they don't have to worry about the weather outside. >> and that is chilly there in the -- judge and it's supposed to be. >> when you're rocking the red, everything is warming up for you. >> indeed. indeed. what about the rest of us? >> it's cold and not as cold. i mentioned earlier how cold it was out there this morning, especially in the suburbs and even here in up to, 30 degrees overnight tonight with the clear es. and it was frosty all over the suburbs. but writ's not going to be -- it's not going to be cold tonight or this evening. still, i suggest that you will need a light jacket or tweeter -- sweater, something out there
5:48 pm
and the wind is not too much of a problem either. lessen, as you're packing your bag and if do you that tonight or early in the morning, you put the umbrella in the bag and probably won't need it tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening if you're caught outside. you might. there might be a little shower that tries to sneak down. we'll show you in just a second and certainly, if you dot get it in your bag tonight or tomorrow morning, them brel, that is. make sure -- umbrella, that is, make sure it's in there into thursday. looks like thursday is the day that you're going to more than likely need the umbrella. and just keep that in mind, okay? 48 degrees in the city. 39 right now forever gaithersburg; again, whatever reason, frederick, no data and the temperature is in there. the lower 40s to the upper 30s and culpepper, cooling down to 41 degrees and win chester and culpeper, they're usually about the same and winchester is 41 degrees as well. a mostly clear 7:00, the temperatures will take a nose
5:49 pm
dive into the mid-40s, the lower 40s by 9:00. a few clouds by later on this evening and i think temperatures are holding into the low 40s and out in the suburbs, down into the upper 40s and let me show you what is going on. clear skies now and you look back to the west and the clouds are trying to move across. we could just hang on to enough high pressure at the upper levels to help us out and if that happens, we don't get as much cloud cover leave night tonight and the temperatures can fall off. we need -- overnight, the temperatures can fall across. right now, we're calling for increasing clouds overnight want to. look back to the west. this is rain and this is rain coming into an area of high pressure and that is holding together which is as unusual and it does look like we're going to have an increase in clouds tomorrow simply because we can see them back to the west and there is a slight chance that by tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening, we may get a little bit of a shower and that is why i suggested may be pack the
5:50 pm
umbrella in the bag and you should be in good shape. more clouds overnight and that is not going be as cold. if the clouds come in and thicken up, if they don't come in as aggressively and don't thicken up, the temperatures may fall colder and we'll have readings in the mid- to upper 20sin the suburbs and might be 33 in to you. okay, generally not as cold as this morning. the winds out of the northwest at five to 10 miles an hour and chilly tomorrow morning, a little bit of sunshine, a mix of clouds and sun. more clouds at noon and temperatures up into the upper 40s and a spotty shower possible at 5:00 tomorrow. he's why. on future cast at 5:00, it's showing a little bit of rain trying to come up through the ridge of high pressure and into the clouds for us. just keep that in mind. again, it looks like the better chance of rain for us will be on thursday afternoon and into thursday evening. and the best day for rain, 52
5:51 pm
tomorrow and some showers on on thursday and low clouds on friday, 54 and clouds on saturday and 46 and mostly sunny on sunday. and 46 degrees. the best chance of rain shawn? >> gary, thank you very much. we're down here in the web center to talk about something very important just the holidays, we have the cookie parties or just the holiday party. important, the office party. let's talk about that. some of the dos and don't of the office party to make sure you have a job come monday morning. >> this is a big one. it's in full swing. we were able to capture bartenders who have worked it all, seen it all and we were able to set down and ask them to tell us about their stories of some holiday fun that went wrong. >> down to 1 and they're crazy.
5:52 pm
>> how crazy? a boss and employee at an office party started fight at their party? >> it started, you know, like pushing each other, you know, like -- and it got really physical. it probably was a lot for a couple of days afterwards, i would imagine. >> reporter: what would be more embarrassing? a woman whose date got out of hand in front of the boss and coworkers? >> he got belem rent and angry with all of us. -- we asked him to leave and escorted him out. he threatened us with the russian mob. >> reporter: the bartenders agree. follow the rule of twos to make sure you don't overindulge and lose control. >> two drinks. you're good to go. you can see yourself out, good to g. another two drinks, fun. >> reporter: these days, you never know who is watching. facebook changed the entire game. it's not just the coworkers at the party who will see what is going on. >> pictures who you'ring with, what you're doing and wearing, all of us can end up on the internet the next day. watch out. >> reporter: if that is not
5:53 pm
enough? most bars and restaurants have security cameras rolling in public areas. >> okay, the last person at a holiday company party that you took a picture of and they didn't know it, what were you doing? >> vomiting. >> that boss and employee who started fight something the story lives on even if their argument didn't. >> they ended up hugging yet out, thank goodness. >> yeah. >> and let's talk about the dos and dotes now. along with not photocopying body parts, what else shouldn't we be doing at office parties? >> it's funny. nude etwas big, they told us. nudet was huge, and of course, probably engaging in any activity with the coworker sexually is probablia a -- probably never a dead idea. they can not stress enough. two drinks is the limit. and this is not a free pass. a lot of people think your holiday company party w the open bar gets the night off. >> right. >> and it isn't. a lot of employees in there with others, they offer you
5:54 pm
thoughts and, shawn, you want to -- everyone? >> no. and some of the other big things, too where they say don't make it a game and the good rule of thumb, stay an hour and leave before your boss was big. oat and drink lots of water will help give you a base and have an exit plan. have a plan and avoid people you might be confrontational with. >> yeah good tips. >> most of all, two drinks. >> two drinks. >> or don't drug at all. >> yeah. >> and i think you dated us. photocopying body parts? >> i didn't say we did it. i am saying you hear about those stories. >> and that is like sitting on the printer. who does that anymore? >> that is a good think this i didn't have my camera at that one party, brian. [ laughter ] >> stay away from the coffee machine. we have those. and the government is getting concerned about keyless entry emissions. not just for drivers but people on the swamp a warning for all drivers. and a stunning find at dulles international airport. the good hidden in the bag worth hundreds of thousands. and the donald is not one
5:55 pm
for backing down and fired himself. the edge starts in mondays -- minutes. [ female announcer ]ñ at,
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5:58 pm
>> frightenning moments for a woman in massachusetts. driving to work on monday morning, the car suddenly plunged into a sinkhole that was caused by a water main break. this is what the scene looked like once the water was shut off. when her car first fell in, she was trapped by all of the water. the firefighters had to form a human chain to rescue the woman. >> one victim trapped inside the car and couldn't get out at all. the water was rushing. it was six feet deep. >> and we came away from the first firefighter to the second firefighter and the third firefighter all the way and into the location. >> firefighters did get the woman out safely and said she called a cab and continued on to work. >> wow. >> and what a trooper. >> good for her. >> my goods. i mean, wow. all right.
5:59 pm
two thumbs up for you. i would have gone home. >> yeah. >> you have a story -- she had a story to tell. >> she did. thank you very much for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. >> starting off with a warning for anyone driving a car with a keyless ignition. the federal government is becoming more concerned not because they don't work but because they could be putting people in danger. beth parker shows us how they ended a local man's life. >> you're the one who found him. >> reporter: he remembered the final words he said to his father. >> my last conversation was i will see on you sunday for the game. >> reporter: the retired montgomery school superintendent was not around to watch his beloved redskins. he died september 3rd at his home in rockville. >> he pulled into the garage and stepped out of the car. >> reporter: the car had a keyless ignition. without realizing it, he a

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